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As I develop and make games I will be posting tutorials and articles along the way of how I was able to build certain things in my game. I'm no expert at this, but my goal is to be able to provide good working code examples that can be used in projects by any developer looking to make games.

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Unity: Mobile Touch Controls
Moving a Character from Left to Right
January 29, 2018

While working on my latest game, I found it very difficult to find a tutorial that explained how to make a character move by tapping either the left or right side of the screen. My first strategy was to create two buttons, but then I discovered there is no press and hold function with native Unity buttons. So instead I had to build buttons to give you a visual reference (press down effect) and then I use the screens width as a way to detect finger position. Overall it ended up being very simple to do and I share that with you in this video. As always if you have a better way of doing it, please let me and this community know in the comments.

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