Frequently Asked Questions

What software do you use to make your games?

I design my artwork in either Adobe Photoshop (for pixel art) or Adobe Illustrator and then I import my assets into Unity 3D where I code and build my games. Then depending on the game I am building, I can export the Unity project for cross platforms, including XCode where I can submit my game to the App Store.

What was the first game you built?

As a kid, for years I was working on this long top down adventure game called John Webb. It was about this kid who ran away from home and wound up on this long adventure. Think Pokemon for Gameboy. For years I continued to work on these elaborate game ideas that never ended up being finished, mostly because they were way too big of projects. It wasn't until I entered into a 48 hour game contest that I finally finished my first game involving a mailman collecting envelopes and delivering them into a truck while racing the clock. This game went on to inspire my first tutorial series, Mr. Postman.

What inspired you to make games?

As a kid I was huge fan of Super Mario (actually I still am). Games were an entertaining escape from the world and making them for others to enjoy was sometimes more fun than playing them. A game that leaves an emotional impact on me always gives me fuel to someday make something great.

What do you use to shoot your videos?

I currently shoot my videos with one of my two iPhones or if it's a screen recording I use Quicktime on my Mac.

What do you use Windows or Mac?

Both. I find it easier to code and multitask on my Windows device. Plus there are a lot of programs that aren't supported on Mac's. And then vice versa I do a lot of my creative work on my Mac including video editing, Unity, photoshop / design work. Although when it comes to mobile devices, I am Apple all the way.

Will you review my game?

You can submit your game using this form.