Week of February 19th, 2018Episode V: Platformer Week

My favorite game of all time is Super Mario World for Super Nintendo. It's a game I grew up playing and still at 28 years old, can't put it down. This game set the bar for videos games to come and is again one of the reasons I love making my own games. It's been my all time dream to make a platformer like Super Mario World. So this week, I did a lot of research on mobile platform games. How do they work, how complicated are they, how do the controls work on a touch screen? In the process I found four really fun games that all did this very well, each in their own way. I apologize that none of these games are available for free, but trust me, each one was worth what I spent, plus more. They all provide hours, weeks and months worth of fun and if you are a huge fan of the retro games (like I am) you won't be disappointed.