Week of March 26th, 2018Episode X: Steamworld Heist

This week I reviewed a game that was built for consoles, but then ported over to mobile. Lately I've been debating the pros/cons of building a game that could work both with and without a controller. Something that would need to have the same feel and control on a touch screen as it would on a console or a computer. A really good example of this was Alto's Adventure. Steamworld Heist came up on my radar as a turn based RPG that was a good example of game that could work for both touch and controller. My goal is to make more of a platformer type game (since those are my favorite), but this game gave me more insight on how it could be done. Despite the hefty asking price, I really felt this game was worth it and packed with a lot of fun content.

Additionally, I found myself playing a quicker, less thought provoking pick me up game called Cars vs. Cops. This game is everything as good as what it sounds. Be sure to collect both this week and let me know what your opinion of these games are.