Week of April 16th, 2018Episode XIII: Wayward Souls

Last week I vaguely shared the premise and back story behind my new game on my weekly newsletter. Something that is important to me with this new game is properly executing the storyline into the game without taking away fun from the gameplay. A lot of times storylines (for me at least) can feel like an annoying interruption when all I want to do is just play. Although if done right, a storyline can draw an emotional connection and therefore make it an impactful experience. I decided to make a game based around real events that happened in my life that I would be able to share and process through creative expression. While trying to find games on the App Store that may feature a storyline, I came across Wayward Souls. Unfortunately, this became an example of what not to do because I felt the storyline was poorly executed, but the game itself is a high action-adventure masterpiece. I definitely recommend you download this game.