Week of April 2nd, 2018Episode XI: Fortnite for Mobile

This week I found myself pretty busy working on a new game and usually when the creative juices are flowing, I try to ride that wave and avoid distractions so as not to interupt the flow of productivity. Unfortunately, this was a big week for mobile gaming since Fortnite was officially released to the public on the App Store. After hearing about this game for months, I knew I couldn't wait to review it. Overall I could see why this game has taken the internet by storm. It has changed the game for multiplayer shooters by adding some unique mechanics like the storm which forces you into close combat as time goes on and the ability to destroy the world around you to build your own defenses.

Although if you read my official review, you'll see that the game missed a lot of basic fundamentals. For example, as a brand new player, it wasn't easy for me to dive in and understand what to do. Additionally, the touch controls were incredibly difficult and frustrating. I can see why this makes a great console game, but I'm not sure it was a successful launch to mobile. It almost feels like it was just a way for the developers to bank off the franchise. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below.