Week of April 23rd, 2018Episode XIV: Oddmar - My new favorite platformer

On my pursuit of building my very own platformer, I've been using this game review platform to review other games on the market that fall under the same genre. I tend to study their storyline, graphics, level design, game mechanics and most importantly the feel of their controls. I spent an entire week calibrating the controls for Five Stages of Grief trying my best to get it just right. I want the gameplay to feel fun and the controls to feel rewarding yet challenging. Like if you get them just right, jumping and platforming will feel super smooth. On a touch device, it can be hard to overload a player with too many controls, so I've stuck to the format of just three buttons. An action button (mainly for jump) and left and right analog controls for movement. 

This week I reviewed a game by the name of Oddmar. One thing that really stood out to me about this game (besides the amazing artwork and storyline) was how natural their controls felt. They also seem to stick to a three button option, but the buttons are setup per interaction. For example, if you hop onto a vine, instead of being able to move left and right, suddenly you can now move up and down in the same button space. The controls don't feel overloaded because it's situation-based. I truely feel this is the future of gaming and where mobile gaming can really shine. I'm hoping to adapt some of these techniques into my new game, but if you enjoy platforming, be sure to give this game a download: