Week of May 14th, 2018Episode XVII: Spike City

This week I present to you a game called Spike City - a unique platforming adventure. My experience with Spike City was interesting. When I first downloaded this game, there was a game crashing bug on the opening screen that prevented this game from even being played. Initially frustrated I stayed patient and waited for the developer to release a fix so that I can play what looked like an awesome game. Once I was finally able to play this game, it felt very nice and fun, but there were a few mechanics that I didn't quite understand right off the bat and the instructions that explained these mechanics were not exactly clear. So for the second time, I became incredibly frustrated! I just wanted to play. Eventually I figured it out and it was smooth sailing after that, but it got me thinking. 

As a developer, I know how easy it is to botch the release of project you've been working on for months if not years. Sometimes you have that last minute change that ends up destroying everything. I've been there and I felt that pain, but my games never reached a large enough audience for it to have an impact on anyone. Spike City was featured on the App Store and is currently ranked #87 in the genre for puzzles. As a gamer, I was frustrated, but I'd love to hear their story from the perspect of the developer, which brings me to my point this week.

I'd like to start more conversations with developers and start a new segment on this website. What's it like to make a game and have it featured on the App Store? What inspired them to make this game? How much planning and research was involved in the process. Was the success of the game luck or strategic marketing? These are just some of the questions I'd like to ask every developer who's game ends up on this website. Let's figure out patterns for success. Stay tuned.