Week of May 28th, 2018Episode XIX: Pocket Run Pool

Back when I had an office in Florida and my brother was working with me, I purchased a pool table. My brother used to play pool in college during his free time and was actually really good, so he taught me how to play and as most brothers do, we became extremely competitve with it every day. Sometimes spending more time playing pool, than doing actual work. When we moved up to Savannah, we decided we would do better as a team and began challenging opponents at our local bars. It's something that I enjoy doing with my brother and we've actually gotten pretty good, and are actually a pair thats hard to beat. I preface this post with this story, because pool is something I thouroughly enjoy as a pastime. 

When I found out the developer of "Really Bad Chess" a game that took ordinary chess and added a unique twist that made it feel fresh and exciting, did the same thing for 8-ball pool, I got really excited and I wasn't disappointed. The funny thing is I was really inspired by how Zach Gage took a game like chess and gave it a fresh new twist, I thought about how I could apply the concept to other classic games, like pool. I failed to think of anything that would be fun to play, sort of thinking it wasn't possible to do while keeping it fun. I guess I was wrong. Thank you for the inspiration, Zach.