Week of June 11th, 2018Episode XXI: Playdead's Inside

Last week Apple announced its winners of the 2018 design awards highlighting some of the best game of the year, two of which that have been featured already on this website. Although the one that was missing, INSIDE, was a game I've seen videos about in the past year so when I realized they made a port for iOS I made sure to give it a download to see what all the hype was about. When you first launch the game, you are entered into this world with no instructions, no menu, you are just immersed in this world playing as a boy who seems about as lost as you are. You quickly learn how to play and then learn that this world is a dangerous one and you better not be caught or face death. 

The graphics and the sound are just perfect. They set the mood and you feel like you are interacting with a movie. The gameplay is surprisingly smooth, although not perfect considering it's a touch screen. You can even download the game for free and play a big chunk of it before you are prompted to purchase the rest of the game. Trust me, you'll want to keep playing, it's that good!