Week of June 4th, 2018Episode XX: HoPiko

I am always on the hunt for a good platformer on mobile. I discovered HoPiko this week, which is a high action, fast paced platformer with good graphics and a solid sound track to play along to. As explained in the short little cut scene, HoPiko's are these little guys inside game consoles that work hard to make your game run, until this evil virus appears and kidnaps them, leaving your game console useless. Your job is to beam from one platform to the next until you can break through the virus and free the HoPiko's. This game filled me with a lot of nostalgia, but overall I just had fun playing it. I felt the controls were a little sensitive, especially for a game that requires a lot of precision and fast reaction times. Also, having to start from the beginning of a level series anytime you messed up was a little frustrating. Despite all of that, it was a lot of fun and the soundtrack alone was worth the asking price. Definitely give this one a download this week.