Week of July 16th, 2018Episode XXVI: Leo's Fortune

Episode 26! That means I've officially reached my half-way point of writing game reviews each week for an entire year. This event is such a landmark occasion, I felt it necessary to pick a great game, that really mirrors my personality. If you've been following along all year, you can probably guess this game is going to be a platformer. If you've guessed correctly, congrats, you've won a brand new car! Okay I wish I was that fortunate, and capable of giving away cars, but so does Leo from Leo's Fortune (corny segue, I know). 

Leo's Fortune is not only an amazingly smooth and easy to control mobile platformer, but it's a beautiful adventure of a hairy blue blob on the hunt to retreive his fortune back. The artwork in this game is absoluely amazing and each level is designed to be both challenging and rewarding. It's the sort of game that I am happy to declare as my pick of the week on my half-year anniversary.