Week of July 30th, 2018Episode XXVIII: Dive Inside

I spent half my week in Boulder, Colorado this past week and while I was here I did a lot of exploring. Discovering the depths of a city and a mountain is so liberating to me. Feeling the buzz for adventure, I went ahead and gave "Dive Inside" a download, a game designed around exploring the depths of a dark ocean. This game has a lot going for it. The controls are smooth and it's fun to explore the depths and collect items. It's a laid back adventure with a lot to explore. Unfortunately the game has been only out for a week so it lacked a bit of fine polishing.

There was a few things that could have been improved in my opinion to make it less frustrating in parts. If you are a big fan of adventure-style games, I recommend downloading this game and keeping an eye open for updates. I think the developer is onto something great with this one.