Week of September 10th, 2018Episode XXXIII: The Company Game

The Company Game, an incredibly difficult story-based puzzle adventure is a game that I not only looking forward to beating this week, but is a game that I recommend for people of all ages to play. After reviewing this game, like I do with all the games I review, I took a peak into the developer behind the game. What I found was that this game was built by 14 year-old Brayden Gogis. An impressive task by such a young man, reminded me myself at 14 years old, making my first games in Flash. What is even more incredible is that Brayden started and successfully launched a kickstarter campaign to get his first game off the ground when he was only eleven.

Congrats my dude. Keep powering through. Let that creativity and inspiration fly. Can't wait to follow your journey and see what's next for you. For the rest of you, show Brayden some support and download his newest game.