Week of September 17th, 2018Episode XXXIV: Pop Shot! Golf

This week I felt like taking a break on the premium games I've been reviewing and sought out to pick a free to download game. The game that caught my interest for this week was Pop Shot! Golf. A quick pick-em-up style game. It's one of those quick to play games that doesn't really require much of your time or attention. It's ideal for playing in line, on the bus or somewhere that you might easily be interrupted. I've been trying to avoid playing games like this because it promotes the rise of freemium games and discourages indie game developers from actually making a high quality mobile experience. I plan to make a video series profiling these sort of games, but this one wasn't terrible. If you enjoy this style and need quick entertainment, go ahead and give Pop Shot! Golf a download. 

Andrew "Waldo" Webster

  • Programmer, Creator, Designer
  • Lefty Games
  • From Savannah, Georgia