Week of September 24th, 2018Episode XXXV: Ammo Pigs - Armed & Delicious

I saw Ammo Pigs a couple of weeks ago under the coming soon section of the App Store. It my first experience with pre-ordering a mobile game. I wanted to be one of the first people to give this new pixel art platformer a try, but because of this I expected to experience a few bugs. Overall this game satisifies my pixel-art platformer desires. It's full of high action, great music and that cinematic experience you get when something explodes. My only complaints are things that can easily be fixed. There are a few bugs, and a quick scroll through the ratings on the App Store, I'm not alone in finding them. Additionally the controls felt a little bit tight. I wish there was more room to tap the buttons. But otherwise this game is a winner and I recommend you giving it a play. Great job, Cascadia Games!