Week of September 3rd, 2018Episode XXXII: Donut County

Last week, a friend sent me a link to Donut County, a hot new game on the App Store, telling me it was something I needed to check out. Upon looking at the trailer I thought to myself isn't this game just like Hole.io, a game that's been on the top charts of the Apple Store for a few weeks now? So it had me intriguied and I figured I'd take a closer look. It turns out that Donut County, a game by Ben Esposito, is an original game and was knocked off by gaming conglomerate, Vodoo, immediately after it was announced for release, beating it to the market. Another example of the struggles of an indie game developer. 

Although, the beauty of indie game development is that it's a form of art. You can replicate a product to the point where people can't tell the difference, but you really can't knock off a piece of art in the same way. When playing Donut County, you can feel the passion put into it. The effort, the time, and even the artists personality. It brings upon an amazing gaming experience that I know most gamers thirst for. It's like drinking domestic beer versus drinking a nice tasty craft beer. You're just going to enjoy one way more than the other. 

So do us indie game developers a favor and support Ben Esposito and his amazing game, Donut County: