Week of October 29th, 2018Episode XL: Turn Undead 2

Happy Halloween! Well...almost. This week I bring you a halloween themed pick of the week by the name of Turn Undead 2. Play as a monster slayer who must make his way through the level while destroying vampires and creatures of the night. This well designed game comes with an interesting twist as it combines my two favorite genres, pixel-art platforming and turn based strategy. Every move you make advances the game one frame. When you step to the right, each enemy and bullet moves also. If you don't move the game is paused. This sort of gameplay takes the action from a platformer and slows it down so you can plot each one of your moves. I had a lot of fun playing this game, but my only complaint was the ads that pop up everytime you die. I wish this game took a chapter out of Matt Goodrich's new game in that regard. Besides that, if you are feeling festive go ahead and give this game a download.