Mad Skills BMX 2

Official Waldo Score 7.0/10
February 12, 2018
Mad Skills BMX 2
Realistic BMX racing
Version: 1.0.2

Waldo's Rating 7.0/10

7.0out of 10

Mad Skills BMX is a clean fun BMX racing game that has the look and feel of a real BMX race. This game is art heavy and the illustrators did a fantastic job giving the look and feel of a real race in a 2D-style 3D environment. The controls are simple enough to use and the gameplay is easy to pick up, especially for a game that boasts a realistic race feel. The side-scrolling view gives me some nostalgia for racing games I used to play as a kid and it's done well. If you are into racing games and action sports, I definitely recommend having this game on your home screen. It's a must have.

About Mad Skills BMX 2

This is side-scrolling racing action as you’ve never experienced it, racing against people from across the globe on carefully designed tracks that will challenge your skills and — sometimes — your sanity.

  • Amazing physics that combine arcade fun with key elements of realism
  • 7 different bikes that can be unlocked, upgraded, and customized
  • Tons of rider customization options to help you achieve your own on-track look
  • Dozens of hand-crafted tracks, with more added every single week for free
  • Weekly Jam competitions carried over from the smash-hit game Mad Skills Motocross 2
  • Competition with friends, people from your state or region, and international players
  • Evil bosses to defeat — a Mad Skills first!
  • Dozens of fun achievements to unlock
Mad Skills BMX 2
Mad Skills BMX 2
Mad Skills BMX 2
Mad Skills BMX 2

Rating Breakdown

This game was given a score of 7.0/10 which is good. Anything above a 5.0 is considered a great game. Below is a breakdown of the elements that were factored into the rating for this game. Even though Waldo's reviews are based on personal opinion, each game's rating follows a strict confidential rubric system for fairness.

User Interface Design (UI)
Clean design, nice color palette. Smooth animations and subtle transitions.
User Experience Design (UX)
Menu navigation is a little overwhelming at first glance. There just too many options. When I open the game, I'm confused as to what to click on.
Game Design
Levels are beautiful, characters are well designed and overall every detail is considered.
Learning Curve
Super easy to learn and play
Difficulty Progression
Too easy and then way too hard
Playtime Longevity
I wouldn't play for longer than a week
Sound Design
I give points for the subtle SFX like birds chirping in the woods and the sports announcer, but I found the music to be a little boring and it didn't add much value to the game.
Fun enough to make you play for hours even when you have other responsibilities or things you should be doing.
Concept Originality
Uses an unoriginal or already seen before concept.
Post Production
Post production contains a well written description, screenshots, video and icon design.

About the Author

Andrew "Waldo" Webster
  • Programmer, Creator, Designer
  • Lefty Games
  • From Savannah, Georgia