Finger Driver

Official Waldo Score 6.4/10
February 12, 2018
Finger Driver
Keep it on the road, and go as far as you can!
Version: 1.2

Waldo's Rating 6.4/10

6.4out of 10

Finger Driver is a simple endless (driver?) runner whoms objective is to get as far as you can without driving off the never-ending winding road. Personally I found this to be one of the better Ketchapp games I've played which can sometimes be hit or miss. The endless runner gets a little boring after a while, as do most of these sort of games, but the controls are fluid and the added game types give this game a little more shelf life. I definitely recommend for that quick bathroom break or quick something while you are waiting on a long line.

About Finger Driver

Love driving? You will love this game for sure!

Spin the steering wheel to drive your car.

Keep it on the road, and go as far as you can!

Finger Driver
Finger Driver
Finger Driver
Finger Driver

Rating Breakdown

This game was given a score of 6.4/10 which is good. Anything above a 5.0 is considered a great game. Below is a breakdown of the elements that were factored into the rating for this game. Even though Waldo's reviews are based on personal opinion, each game's rating follows a strict confidential rubric system for fairness.

User Interface Design (UI)
The UI is one of the best I've seen come out of a Ketchapp game. It's clean and uses a good choice of colors, fonts and icons.
User Experience Design (UX)
The menu is simple to navigate and everything seems pretty clear to understand.
Game Design
This is a really good case of less is more. The colors serve a big purpose in this game giving it a unique feel each time you play, while presenting new curves and courses to navigate around.
Learning Curve
Game required no tutorials or instructions to play.
Difficulty Progression
The game, like many of Ketchapp's games are purposefully intended to just be difficult spurts of entertainment lasting less than a few minutes. So therefore the progression really isn't that smooth.
Playtime Longevity
This is a game that will be your go to during a bathroom break or waiting in line for something, but will get old after a week or two.
Sound Design
The SFX are well done, but the music doesn't really add much value.
For a quick pick em up style game, this game does offer a surprising amount of entertainment. With the addition of different game modes and controls, add more value to this game. I am able to get further down the road before I get bored. The problem with this game and games similar to this is that it's intended for short spurts of game play so there is a ceiling on how much fun can be had.
Concept Originality
Uses a concept that has been seen or used before but adds a very unique twist to that concept that makes it original on its own.
Post Production
Post production contains a well written description, screenshots, video and icon design.

About the Author

Andrew "Waldo" Webster
  • Programmer, Creator, Designer
  • Lefty Games
  • From Savannah, Georgia