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6.8out of 10
Official Waldo Review is one of those hidden gems of a game. This game was user-submitted so I instantly had some skepticism as I usually do when I weed through user submissions usually finding nothing of value. The screenshots, the title screen and the icon design all brought up red flags before I even began to play the game. Although after pushing through, I was surprised to find a quality arcade style pick-me-up with great music and great visual effects. The game comes with a ton of free levels as well as additional packs that you can buy. The best part and personally my favorite is the free to play AND the ad-free experience. Something you rarely see these days. Give these developers some support and download this game today.

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UI Design
UX Design (UX)
Game Design
Learning Curve
Difficulty Progression
Playtime Longevity
Sound Design
Concept Originality
Post Production

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Game Description

Guide the ball through a maze of platforms. Compete for the high score or challenge yourself with puzzling level packs!


  • Move the ball left and right by either tiling left or right, or by tapping the left or right halves of the screen, based on your settings.
  • See mode descriptions below.


  • Tap in the main menu to play.
  • Hitting the top, bottom, or red platforms ends the game.
  • Points are earned over time and by hitting green blocks.
  • Stay alive as long as possible to maximize your score.
  • Compete for the Game Center high score.


  • Tap the bottom left button from the main menu to view level packs.
  • Start by selecting "The Beginning" level pack.
  • Click the white circle to play the first level.
  • Reach the green platform to beat levels. This unlocks the next level in the pack.
  • Premium packs are available, featuring holidays and themes. These keep the app free, take the place of ads, and support the developers.

Rating Breakdown

This game was given a score of 6.8/10 which is good. Anything above a 5.0 is considered a great game. Below is a breakdown of the elements that were factored into the rating for this game. Even though Waldo's reviews are based on personal opinion, each game's rating follows a strict confidential rubric system for fairness.

User Interface Design (UI)
I was sort of turned-off by the user interface. I liked that there was motion in the background, but I found it more distracting then providing any visual excitement. The use of the gradients over the icons felt messy and from an old era. The typography also lacked originality and design. Title screens are really important and often times over looked. I know this is something as a developer I struggle with myself, but the title screen is basically your first look. It's what's going to draw the gamer into the game experience. They should be excited before they even play the game.
User Experience Design (UX)
I'm taking off points for this category because I just felt like the game was too cluttered with "things". Too many icons on the title screen. Too many choices. It takes away from the game experience. We're gamers, we just want to play. I also didn't like that I have to use game center to play the levels.
Game Design
Once you get past the title screen, this is where the game starts getting good. The music is exciting and the visual effects are subtle but a nice touch. The levels are clearly well thought-out and fun to play.
Learning Curve
When I first played this game, it was clear to me that you tap left and right sides of the screen to move the object. Shortly after an update was released to allow for tilt controls. I think it's nice having the option to select between the two, but I didn't realize the switch at first and was confused why I couldn't move the object all of a sudden. I think including this part as a prompt in the beginning will be a clear way to show players not only how to play, but also allows them to choose a preference right off the bat.
Difficulty Progression
Game difficulty progressed to a certain point but then became either too easy or too difficult.
Playtime Longevity
The game was fun, but I don't think there was enough going on to make me want to play for longer than a week.
Sound Design
Was really impressed by the music choices and I felt like it really enhanced the game experience.
Fun enough to make you play for hours even when you have other responsibilities or things you should be doing.
Concept Originality
Uses an unoriginal or already seen before concept.
Post Production
I think the screenshots are really lacking excitement and the draw needed to bring serious downloads to this game. The icon design was great and the trailer really drew me in, but since most players use the App Store to find their games, I think you have lots of room for improvement.
Fall through a maze of blocks!
Version: 1.2

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Andrew "Waldo" Webster

  • Programmer, Creator, Designer
  • Lefty Games
  • From Savannah, Georgia