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6.1out of 10
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Rockability Beatdown is a basically the type of game that would be born if an endless runner and an arcade style beat 'em up made a baby. It's action-packed and filled with retro style pixel art. This game reminds me of that Super Nintendo Classic, Final Fight except you keep fighting off enemies until you run out of health. This game is well polished but I have only a couple of complaints. First, the game was a little too easy. My first attempt I reached a score in the thousands and it got repetitive before it got hard. Which brings my second complaint, the wave of enemies was too repetitive. I'd like to see different enemies in the same level. Otherwise a great game, give it a download.

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UI Design
UX Design (UX)
Game Design
Learning Curve
Difficulty Progression
Playtime Longevity
Sound Design
Concept Originality
Post Production

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Rockabilly Beatdown
Rockabilly Beatdown
Rockabilly Beatdown
Rockabilly Beatdown

Game Description

Pick up your ticket to punch town, and don’t forget to pack your fists!

Rockabilly Beatdown is an “endless puncher.” See how long you can survive a constant, ever growing stream of enemies by punching like your life depends on it - because it does! You’ve got to think fast and hit faster to last as long as you can. Every connected punch is the one that keeps you on your feet and only the best brawlers can brag about bringin' the boom... Will you go down in history as the one punch who pummeled them all?


  • Three heroes ready to throw down! Choose from Kimber Killjoy, Ace Knuckles, or Bruiser McFist!
  • Loads of endless enemies are out to get you, with bosses tossed in for double trouble!
  • Six crazy cool levels to punch your way through! 
  • Every punch builds towards your ultimate super move: PUNCHTASTIC!
  • Run up your combo count to reach Punchtastic even faster!
  • Keep an eye out for lifesaving pick-ups and enemies that endow special bonuses!
  • Tally up your totals and collect Fist Rewards after every game!
  • Super sweet pixel art to channel that classic arcade action feel!
  • Unlock costume colors and more special levels through gameplay!

Load up, lock in, and get ready to work those guns - yer' gonna need ‘em to be the best!


  • Goldie Luxe Pack: Includes new hero Goldie Luxe with two levels: The Lumbearmill and Lumbermare with Lumbearjack enemies!
  • Jenna Von Jett Pack: Includes new hero Jenna Von Jett and two levels: Creepy Catacombs with Katacomb Krew enemies and Himalayan Hideaway with West Side Swamis enemies!
  • Kondo Kazuki Pack! Includes new hero Kondo Kazuki and two levels: Jigoku Station with Sinister Salarymen enemies and Bushido Bullet with Kawaii Killers enemies!
  • In-App Purchases are for your enjoyment of new heroes and levels; core gameplay is not affected or enhanced.

Rating Breakdown

This game was given a score of 6.1/10 which is good. Anything above a 5.0 is considered a great game. Below is a breakdown of the elements that were factored into the rating for this game. Even though Waldo's reviews are based on personal opinion, each game's rating follows a strict confidential rubric system for fairness.

User Interface Design (UI)
I don't know exactly what I don't like about the UI, but it just doesn't get me that excited to play. It also feels like it's off theme. Like the art style doesn't belong to the game that's played. Also, I think I'd like to see the HUD either hide or be presented with less opacity. Especially when creating art for this game, I felt like the HUD really took away from the game's art.
User Experience Design (UX)
The navigation is rather simple. There were some places where icons weren't clear enough what they meant. I had to do some trial and error to understand what I was clicking on. Especially when a game has IAP's, it makes me nervous blindly pressing on icons that I don't understand what they mean.
Game Design
It's obvious that a lot of time was put into this game, so I'll be gentle. The art and animations are fantastic. Although there are some inconsistencies. Some navigation items are pixel art, and then some items are vector-style art. It sort of throws the game off balance. You have the "punch button" drawn as a hand, but then the game behind it, and even the left/right arrows fit more of a pixel-art theme. Also, even though it's pixel art, the game feels a little blurry to me.
Learning Curve
Game required no tutorials or instructions to play.
Difficulty Progression
This game was way too easy for me.
Playtime Longevity
The game got old and/or frustrating fast.
Sound Design
The sound even though it fits a nice retro theme, felt a little boring to me. I'd almost prefer no music.
The fight sequences are really nice and rewarding, but after a certain point, the levels become sort of boring. The enemies don't get much different throughout the level and I'm usually wishing to die so that I can play in a different environment. I think to improve, the game would play nicer if there were waves of enemies that become more challenging or had different abilities. I get that it sort of does that already, but there's a capping point. After the flying objects and the bouncing objects and the boss battle, there wasn't really anything else to keep my interest. I was able to get past all of it on my first attempt, so either the difficulty needs to increase or something needs to change.
Concept Originality
I'll give extra points for combining a endless runner and a beat 'em up.
Post Production
I have to dock a partial point because on iOS the app icon felt very low-res. Also, I think icon design is really important to bring attention to your game and get people to download, but I don't think the icon properly drew me into the game. It felt too generic and again, off-theme.
Rockabilly Beatdown
An endless punching gauntlet!
Version: 1.4

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Andrew "Waldo" Webster

  • Programmer, Creator, Designer
  • Lefty Games
  • From Savannah, Georgia