Taking the last bite

Why can't we just finish our projects?

September 27, 2017

All my life I've grown up as a skinny kid until I reached the drinking age at which point my slender extended an unattractive gut. My father once pointed out to me that I always leave the last bite on my plate at the dinner table. When he said it I started noticing it more and more and came to the realization that my obsession with leaving the last bite was not because my stomach had reached its capacity, but because of something psychological that was physically preventing me from finishing. But what is it? 

Growing up as a serial entrepreneur, I've noticed that same psychological block with the projects I work on. What is it about that last month of development that stops me from wanting to finish? There's been multiple times when I was only a few weeks away from completing a project before I lost interest and started another. A new project is like a new romantic partner... In the beginning you're easily drawn in and seduced by the attractiveness of the ordeal, but somewhere along the way that lust can easily wear away. 

Today, I find that same problem as I work on River Billing Solutions. We are very close to launch, at a point where if I buckled down in my seat and  concentrated really hard, everything would be done before the weekend, yet here I am working on things 15 minutes at a time, crawling to the finish line. 

The true spirit of being an entrepreneur is making sure you reach the finish line. Whatever is on your mind, whether it be excitement of a new project or fear of failure of your current project, you still need to carry yourself over to your end goal. 

Make a habit of finishing that last bite. 

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