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September 10, 2018

As most of you may already know, I love to create things. Recently, as of this year a passion of mine that I've discovered is making videos. On my YouTube channel that has consisted of tutorial-style animations with me reciting a script I wrote through a microphone. I've been very proud of these videos and I'm looking to get back into making more of those every week through my new Game Development channel, Press Start.

As a way to step-up my game, I've decided to challenge myself by making VLOG's based on daily interests or topics which would consist of me mainly talking infront of a camera. The first video I ever made was my 18 minute long video of me pouring my heart out saying I wanted change and vowing to do that. It was the spark I needed to start this newsletter, my blog and make it a daily commitment to branch away from my career and full-time business to go back to my primal days of just making things that I Iove. Because of that I'm happy I made the video, but actually sitting down and watching 18 minutes of me talk on camera is a little boring and for me sort of cringy to watch. That's just me being honest.

When I make something I want to be proud of it and I've been struggling with that lately. I always preach that everyone should just DO and not let themselves be paralyzed by perfection. The thing is that I am DOING, and have continued to DO, I just haven't released anything that I've DONE, publicly. For that reason I'm embarrassed to admit that perfectionism has paralyzed me. I'm hoping that by saying these words out loud will give me that same spark that the first video I made gave me.

I write you this today because I vowed to share my vulnerabilities with you. Life isn't a paved road to success and just because you work at it everyday doesn't guarantee you'll get there. Thats why you must love the journey more than the destination. And I love the journey right now. But I'm learning right now and I am going to keep trying to push myself to see if these new things are something that I actually love doing. My goal in the next week is to publish my first VLOG. It's going to be bad, but that's ok. We all need to start somewhere and I'd rather try and fail then not try at all.

Thank you for tuning into this rocky journey of mine.

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