Daily Vlog Challenge

Making & Uploading A Daily Vlog For 31 Days

October 29, 2018

I'm starting to really enjoy it. I'm not a film maker, I didn't even own film editing software before last year. The first few videos I made were recorded on my iPhone and then uploaded, unedited. It wasn't until I purchased the Adobe Creative Suite that I tinkered in Premiere and After Effects at the start of this year. My first experiment was making a tutorial video which now has over 20,000 views. It was the success of this video alone that showed me the power of YouTube. 

Last summer in 2017, I wanted to try vlogging, but I quickly realized how difficult it was. Recording a video and uploading a video is rather easy, but making something that will hold someone's attention is no easy task. I'm embarrassed by my earlier videos, but I refuse to delete them. It's one of those things that the better I become, the more I will hate how cringey I used to be. In fact, I still feel like my new videos can be a little cringey. 

But thats the cost of growth. I feel like this is a super common problem, but I'll just speak on behalf of my own experience with it. When I start something new I want to be great at it right off the bat. And if I'm not, it's incredibly discouraging. This year has been transforming for me, but one of the biggest things I've learned this year (and I've said this a lot) is patience when it comes to growth.

I started working out last summer. My whole life I've avoided gyms and workout classes. I felt embarrassed by my lack of strength and agility. I wanted to go to the gym, but I already wanted to be strong and agile before I went. It was a chicken before the egg type of problem. When I had my "fuck my life" situation last year, I was at the bottom. It was then, that I was able to say, you know what, who fucking cares. And something amazing happened.

I got through the mental block. 

But it wasn't some magical finish line. In fact, there was no finish line. I didn't wake up one day and go "I've reached success". It was just a gradual year-long journey of going 3 times a week and feeling good about it. It took a lot of humility before I was able to feel confident. Suddenly the small weights felt easy and I was upgrading to bigger ones. Suddenly I was running faster and longer. It's no longer embarrassing for me to go. It's something I'm proud to say I do now.

Working out, besides making me physically healthy showed me the perspective of growth. It's not an overnight thing. Things take time and you must stay consistent for them to work. And when you exercise your abilities more often, you get better and stronger at them quicker. 

Vlogging is my new challenge. I'm currently embarrassed by my lack of abilities, but when I compare it to my abilities from last year, I've made significant progress. Imagine how I'll feel a year from now. But consistency is the important thing to note here. And I want to get better at this faster. 

I had this idea the other night. A one-month personal challenge to vlog every single day. Like working out, it's going to be extremely hard, but I hope that by the end of 31 days, I'll be feeling good about it. Not only because I will have completed a challenge, but also because I just jolted my progress exponentially. I will have forced a daily mindset based around content and growth. Also, I struggle with making weekly videos, and I think forcing myself to make daily content will just make me wayyyyy more efficient.

My goal is to do this in December. So, that will give me an entire month to "warm up" to the idea. I'll be releasing a lot of videos until then as a way to prepare. My goal is to wake up everyday until December and attempt to make a video. I'm going to give myself a few hours to record and edit it. If I fail to create a story, I'm going to scrap it and try again the next day. By December, I hope to be ready. I'm calling the series "Diary of a Wannabe".

This might be a terrible idea, but oh well. Wish me luck!

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