Feeling Good About 2019

2018 has been a very eventful year for me

December 17, 2018

2018 has been a very eventful year for me. I plan to make a video covering those things, but something that's been on my mind this week is what I've learned this year and how it's directing my path for 2019.

I sort of started last year on this path to become a better game developer, but along the way I learned that I enjoy teaching more. And in the process, I enjoy making videos as a similar creative expression that I received while making games. If you had asked me last year to predict my path for this year, I'd be pretty far off from where I am now. But that's the beauty of following your passion and starting that Day 1 journey. You don't always need to have the answers right away, but by taking those steps, you'll end up somewhere closer than you were before.

Often times we remain stagnant. We have those inner voices telling us, we can't because ______. Fill in the blank. We want things to be perfect before we start and as a result we either don't start or we waste time starting.  Or we have some excuse that's holding us back. We don't have time, or we have too many responsibilities. Or we don't have enough money, or we don't have the right education. Anyone in this world can fill that blank with excuses, but only you can overcome it.

Make mistakes. Try and then fail. Realize that failing is not the end of you and learn from it and try again. That's what I learned this year. I learned that things take time and patience is key. I learned that the concept of perfection was the biggest thing holding me back and when I accepted the fact that it's ok to not be perfect, I can do anything I want with my life. I also learned the importance of consistency and without it, we have no mental order or place to track our progress.

In 2019, I want to be a better creator. I've been working on my plans for 2019 that involve turning my passions into a business and maybe doing some re-branding. Stay tuned for what I plan for that to be.

And in regards to this December challenge, I love making videos. I'll be honest, they're weird, silly and sometimes serious. But that's me, that's who I am and I love sharing that side of myself with you. 

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