Quitting Your Job

If someone gave you $10,000 would you quit your job today?

January 21, 2019

I woke up this morning feeling a bit exhausted and overwhelmed. In December I had the privilege of being able to take a break from client work to focus on my December Daily Vlog challenge that was both incredibly rewarding and challenging. But the minute that ended, I've been grinding away on job after job, chasing that bread. This is my annual routine. I venture off to follow my dream of doing something I love, only to be reeled back into the work that pays my bills.

When I was reading the "4-Hour Workweek", Timothy Ferris talks about this situation, where being fired is a blessing, because it could force you out a situation where you would be stuck in that daily grind instead of following your passions. Being fired allows someone else to make that decision for you to quit and start anew. I wonder about that myself sometimes. My life is not bad. I make a decent living and I have the freedom to make my own schedule and work from anywhere in the world that has a decent internet connection. I don't technically have a "boss" unless you count my clients (which I do), but yet I feel stuck.

For my long-time readers I might sound like a broken-record with this, but that's just because it is. I find myself in this position year after year. 

2018 was my year of experimentation. Trying to change my lifestyle to follow passions of mine. Trying to find something that was fun to do, sustainable and had potential to support me financially. 2018 was never geared towards making income, but 2019 is. Each goal of mine this year has a monetization focus. Enough is enough, it's time for action.

Last night, Yes Theory released this episode where they wrote a $10,000 check to someone who would be willing to quit their job on the spot to follow their passions. It made me think about the power of having $10,000. If I could somehow manage to save up $10,000, how long could I live off of that if all my other revenue sources stopped? And then the most important question, how long would it take to replace my current income?

I'm working towards that now, but how much faster could I arrive there if I had no other choice?

I've been constantly preaching about being specific with your goals, and I think in this case I need to follow my own advice. How much money do I need to quit? My goal this week is to answer that question.

What about you? Are you really doing what you want? And if you aren't, what are 3 things that you change today to get you closer to that goal. And how much money do you need to quit your current job and take that leap of faith?

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