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Activating my revenue sources for Press Start

February 18, 2019

I want to talk about revenue this week. This isn't a flex, quite the opposite actually. I want to landmark todays date because prior to today I haven't made a cent on any of the new projects or videos I have released. I wanted to make sure that revenue wasn't the reason I was pursuing any of my new ventures. My current job pays the bills, but I want out and I feel stuck. I'd hate to spend the next 5-10 years building something up to be in the exact same position I am today. 

But, back to my point. Today (this week) I will be "activating" my revenue sources for Press Start. As of this morning I just got approved by Google Adsense to start posting ads on the Press Start website. Surprisingly this took almost 3 weeks to get approved, so if you're thinking about doing the same thing, plan ahead. This also means once I hit 1,000 subscribers on YouTube (currently have 350) I can start showing ads on my videos.

Now just a quick thought about the ads on the website. I was at a conflict when I first applied to put ads on the website. My fear is that I don't want to muddy down my content with annoying ads. While waiting to be approved by Adsense, I actually considered withdrawing my application. But now that I am approved, I want to experiment with it for a little bit. I want to see what sort of revenue it can generate per 1,000 impressions and calculate at scale if it's worthy of staying. Additionally, I will be only be showing ads on pages with source code. I've opted out of any overlay ads and have manually placed ads in places where I felt like they would be the least intrusive. This might be happy middle place and I feel more comfortable about it.

What do you think? Go here and let me know if you think ads ruin my brand or let me know if you think ads are a subtle way of generating income in exchange for the free high quality content I provide.

The other source of revenue which is more important to me and feels more authentic is my Patreon account. For those who are unaware of what Patreon is, it's an awesome platform that allows creators like myself to receive direct compensation from the fans who support them. In exchange for a pledge (monthly donation) creators can offer "perks" - much like a Kickstarter campaign. 

I love the concept of this because I can offer my content for free and then any fan who is financially capable can directly support me for the time I put into my work. I'm in no way expecting to get rich off of this, but if I can make a living off the support of my fans, life would be good and it would allow me the freedom to spend more time on my work.

But, I don't want to stop just there. I believe education should be free and accessible by all, but I still want to reward my patrons. I'm currently in the works of putting together a patron care package that will be updated each month. This care package will include amazing tools for game developers to speed along the process of making their games. Such things as backgrounds, templates, sprites, icons, characters, scripts and much more. It'll take a while to build to a level of high value, but at its core I think this could be a game changer. Out of everyone else on YouTube offering tutorials, I am yet to see another creator as committed to giving back and growing this community as I currently am.

Patreon is currently my focus this year, but like YouTube there is a snowball effect. Nobody likes being an early adopter for some reason so I really need the support of my fans to help me get started. Even if you aren't interested in game development but find value in this newsletter or anything else I've provided, helping me getting off the ground would MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!

I'm currently hard at work editing my first four videos for my channel and I will start publishing those the first week in March. In them I will be announcing the release of Patreon and I think it would help motivate people to help if they already saw others giving to the cause. 

Contribute on Patreon

So, for only $4 (cancel anytime) you could participate as an early adopter, and in exchange I'll be sending personal thank you videos for everyone who contributes this week.

If you can't contribute that's fine too. I hope to look back at this day, February 18th, 2019 and see how far I've come. I know I'm going to make it and I'm glad to take you along this journey of finding financial freedom. 

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