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Starting a podcast

April 15, 2019

So I recorded a podcast the other day, if you could even call it that. It's bad, but that was sort of the point. I'm calling it the "Diary of a Wannabe" because I think it's important to document my trials of pursuing my dreams.

I think too often we press record on this society after someone has made it and then we develop this false sense of reality towards success. We see these people after they've already failed thousands of times and start recording their lives after they've developed a bit of traction. It gives a false illusion that success is easy or success is clear and straight forward.

Life doesn't work that way, neither does success. 

So yeah, I understand that's a little narcissist in thinking anyone cares about my journey, but that doesn't stop me. And I have no experience in doing it and that won't stop me either. 

About 2 years ago I made my first YouTube video on my iPhone. I never owned video editing software and I knew nothing about recording, uploading or editing videos. But I wanted to know how so I took that first step and understood that I was going to be bad at it at first and that was ok. And yeah my first few videos are hella cringey but I keep them online to remind and inspire that becoming good at something requires being bad at it first.

I knew nothing 2 years ago and then yesterday I made a video involving a green screen, external audio and even a little acting.

That's how I hope to be good at everything, by trying, failing and then trying some more.

But back to the Podcast. I realized last week after my last newsletter that I need to start grinding on my second business. I need to start generating income in the next 6 months and that means I need to start pumping out a lot more content.

Starting with the podcast I want to record a weekly segment that follows a similar format to this newsletter. My goal is to keep it between 30-45 minutes and to talk about the weekly struggles of being a wannabe. Being a guy who desperately wants to achieve something but is just starting out. No overnight success story, just real life stories of the struggles of pursuing everything. 

Then I want to get back into making videos for my personal Waldo channel. I really enjoyed making these videos but I felt like my daily vlogs were rushed and the quality behind a majority of them wasn't good enough. So I think I want to double down on that and start producing higher quality videos with a bit more of a direction. I don't want to reveal too much about that right away, but look forward to seeing that soon.

On top of that I want to get back into live streaming. But this time, I want to live stream myself making video games. I had this idea about treating each week like a game jam. For those who are not familiar a Game Jam is a contest of sorts for video game developers. You have a moderator who announces a topic at the start of the contest and you have a limited amount of time (anywhere between 48 hours and a week) to make a game about that topic. When I was 14 I finished my first game during one of these jams. The topic was "box" and I made a game about a mailman collecting envelopes in a box and delivering them to a truck.

There is something incredibly motivating about making games this way and I think it would be exciting to do and sort of like the podcast I want to document the process of me making it. And this could be good for me in a few ways. The first it allows me to increase my audience by having daily content for someone to tune-in and watch. Secondly, I'll have weekly content that I can edit into a 8-10 minute Dev Vlog type video. And then lastly, I'll have a finished product by the end of the week that I can offer on the App Store for people to buy and play.

And then the last thing on my list is continuing to build and promote my now primary YouTube channel, Press Start. Right now I'm consistently uploading a new tutorial every 2 weeks and I have plans to develop a Udemy or Skillshare style course to again build more of an audience and to generate income. 

All of these avenues will make for great content in my new Podcast as well as this newsletter. Ironically even though I recorded my first podcast, I know nothing about how to upload it so people can listen so I need a week or two to get that sorted out before I will share that with you.

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