My Most Productive Week This Year

Living with acceptance of my situation and striving for better

June 24, 2019

For a while there I was starting to dread writing this newsletter. It wasn't because I didn't enjoy doing it, but because each Monday morning I'd wake up to be reminded that I had accomplished nothing the entire week. This move has been tough on me mentally.

But while it was happening, I felt stuck. Depression is a bitch like that. So instead of trying to fight it I allowed myself to feel it. To be in it. Instead of trying to force productivity I just rode the un-productivity wave. As my therapist recommended, I treated the last 3-4 weeks like a vacation. I slept in late, did the bare minimum of my responsibilities and then proceeded to spend the rest of my day doing fun activities. Whether that was going to the beach, out with friends or consuming large amounts of alcohol.

Life was out of control, but my goal was to be burnt out from being burnt out. I wanted to overdo the fun aspect in my life so that when I did finally move in with my parents, the idea of doing anything but work related items would feel unwanted. 

The idea sounds good on paper, but to my surprise it actually worked.

Moving was a pain in the ass, but the amount of effort required to get everything done really jump started my hustle back into gear. It was the bucket of ice water I needed to wake up from life. 

I was motivated again.

And when you start a new chapter your routines get reset which allows you to completely rewrite your daily habits. 

It would've been easy to develop bad daily habits, but I'm here for a reason so this is what the past week has looked like for me:

  • deleted social media (again)
  • wake up at 5am every morning (or earlier)
  • go to bed before 9pm every evening
  • no alcohol
  • exercise every day

These 5 things have completely transformed my life.

Without social media, I've cut out the single most distracting element of my day. Also, it prevents developing FOMO (fear of missing out) by watching all my friends go out and do fun things.

Changing my sleep cycle, it allows me to be productive first thing in the morning. I've noticed being up before anyone else gives me about 3-4 hours of undistracted productivity. When nobody is awake, there are no e-mails, no phone calls, no texts from friends and nobody in the house to interrupt my day.

Also, by not drinking alcohol it takes away the temptation to go out late with friends and instead try and find healthier activities like sports or exercise. Not to mention I can wake up every morning feeling fresh and ready for the day. 

And then by exercising everyday it keeps my mind clear and healthy. 30 minutes of cardio does the mind good. Especially during tough times.

So far after a week it has been working really good. I feel good and I'm motivated. This past weekend I competed in a game jam and made my first game in maybe over a year. I also recorded a lot of footage and plan to make a video about it. I also have a lot of other things in the works that I am excited to share next week.

So stay tuned. New content is coming.

And lastly, for those who have e-mailed me and showed love during these tough times, I want to say thank you. Your words mean more to me than you might ever know.

I hope you all have a great week!

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