Success is Incremental

Do you ever feel like you're not progressing?

July 15, 2019

Do you ever feel like you're not progressing? But then you look at an old photo or a diary entry and realize how far you've come?

When we want to be successful, often times we want it right away. That amazing idea you have or that life goal, needs to happen overnight. And when you bust your ass towards it and after a few months you don't feel any closer to reaching it, we tend to give up.

But I wonder how much more successful you'd be if you just saw it through.

Because the key to success is patience.

It's like that old photo or that diary entry. Success is incremental and it becomes what we call the new normal. When you've reached an increment, that excitement fades out and the feeling of standing on that new platform feels normal. And at that level you want to reach higher forms of success. 

It's like that first job you took making minimum wage. For me it felt awesome. I could afford to put gas in my car and pay to take my girlfriend to the movies once a month. But then suddenly I wanted more. I wanted to be able to move out of my parents house. This new job became the new normal and that feeling of not progressing sank back in. 

I wanted it overnight, but it took time. Now I charge my clients $100 per hour, but I didn't get there with a snap of my fingers. My success took time and this level of success has become my new normal.

So, the picture I am trying to paint for you is be patient. Don't give up. Success is incremental and don't give up on your projects because you don't feel like you are progressing. 

Put together a plan and track you goals so you have something to look at to remind yourself that you are on your way.

And then live for that progression. Because remember, we don't want success, we want the journey to success. 

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