Controlling Momentum

Momentum is the driving force behind everything

July 8, 2019

Momentum is the driving force behind everything. Without it, you're stuck. But with it, you can conquer the world. 

For months I was the boulder rolling down the hill. I had videos produced and scheduled and my numbers were climbing exponentially and then all of a sudden things stopped. It was me. I stopped to admire the numbers and by doing so I put a hault to my momentum. 

It's a scary thing when that happens. The numbers still climb, but not at the rate that they were. So then, you start questioning your process and develop thoughts of self doubt. You start changing things up and then suddenly you're not doing as great as you once were. 


It's easier to roll a boulder down a hill when it's already in motion. But the minute that boulder stops, the harder things become. 

I'm here. I'm living with my parents and I'm ready to get that boulder back in motion. Last week we talked about end of year goals. My goals scare the crap out of me and that's because they're hard as fuck. But that's the point. They should scare the crap out of me. If they weren't challenging me, I wouldn't achieve as much.

End of Year Goals:

  • 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube
  • Get my real estate license in Georgia
  • Save $35,000 to put towards an investment property
  • Start and finish a Udemy Course

Let's get that boulder in motion. This week my focus is to get back in the groove of making videos. I'd like to create 3 this week. Last week felt a little rusty with my dev vlog video.

Once I have a few videos produced I can start working towards building a video course that I can sell subscriptions to. Combine the revenue from that with the work I'm already doing and I'll be that much closer to meeting my financial goals. 

I'm motivated, now its your turn. 

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