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A landmark day of when YouTube approved us for adsense

August 26, 2019

August marks the one year anniversary of the launch of my Press Start YouTube channel and I have a lot to celebrate. As of last week we've finally hit YouTube's minimum thresholds to be approved by their monetization program. This means I can start putting ads on my videos so they can earn me revenue. 

It's little landmarks like these that remind me how far I've come. 

When you're in the weekly grind of it all - the marathon of life that is, it's nice having something to show you how far you've traveled.

The launch of Press Start was an interesting move on its own. When I started "As Told By Waldo" - I didn't envision I would be making game development tutorials. The first one was an experiment and the amount of views it brought in was shocking. So much that it started taking over the brand. After 6 months I had a hard decision to make. 

I wanted to give these tutorial videos its own brand but that would mean starting over. There's no way to transfer growth from one channel to another. So it was either keep it as it was or start over, which at the time was thousands of views and 500 subscribers. It doesn't seem like much but those 500 subscribers took 9 months to get so the decision was a little difficult.

But in the end I decided to do it. Start over that is. In the grand scheme of things, 500 subscribers was going to be nothing in comparison to where I wanted to end up.

Sometimes you need to do that to grow. Often, we hang on to things for one reason or another and it slows us down. And now I'm glad I did because the channel is 2.5x larger than the first channel and I'm all setup for success.

This month we've reached monetization and our growth metrics are all in green. It'll probably be another little while before the income generated is worth writing home about, but I look forward to sharing and celebrating that milestone when it happens.

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