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I have an opportunity to buy a sports business

September 9, 2019

I'll be honest today is a little hard to write because I'm feeling pretttttttty antsy. 

About a month ago an opportunity came to light for me to potentially purchase a new business. For those who've been following me a while, probably know that I'm very passionate about playing competitive sports. When I was living in Savannah, GA, I played anywhere from 3-6 days a week and I loved it. 

It was a great way to make friends, get exercise and fill my need to be challenged on a daily basis. Plus it was just so much fun.

Well it turns out the owner of this league is wanting to sell his business and I'm very much interested. I'm so passionate about this league, the idea of making money while being apart of it, is something out of a fantasy.

But let's talk about opportunity for a second. Since the start of this newsletter almost 2 years ago, I vowed to myself that I would work my ass off to bring upon change in my life. I no longer wanted to be stuck working paycheck to paycheck with no opportunity for growth. In the beginning and even now that vision hasn't always been clear, but the goal was always simple: find financial freedom. 

So, firstly I tried making video games. Something that I very much enjoyed but I think I lacked a bit of experience and talent. Then I transitioned into YouTube and then tutorials and that has been going very well except the growth is slow and might be another year or two before it really gives me a solid return on my time. And then my main business took on some major losses that forced me out of my home. 

I had the option to quit my progress and start looking for a job or take the path less traveled and surrender my possessions, lifestyle and comfort so that I can move back in with my parents and rebuild. 

It's hard to describe the feeling, but it was almost like I had an invisible leash on me, pushing me towards a singular direction. Moving in with my parents was the absolute last thing I've ever wanted to do, but yet it felt very much like the right thing to do. Everything in my mind and body told me NO, but yet it felt like the RIGHT way. As if someone was guiding me in this direction.

I'm no stranger to this leash. I've felt this tug and pull before, so this time I trusted it. I knew that no matter how ugly the path looked, there was a reason I should trust taking it. And it hasn't been easy. I've been on this mental roller coaster waiting for the day I can get off. 

But the one thing that keeps me afloat is this idea that I'm going to be stronger then I ever was. It's like when you go to the gym and lift weights... your muscles need to rip and tear before they heal and grow stronger. 

That's me right now. I'm a ripped bicep. 

But what if...

What if the reason I'm on this path is because of this business. I've had my head down the past three months with one singular focus. Work and save. Work and save. And now in September I actually have a decent amount in my savings. 

But it makes me think. Had I not traveled down this muddy path. This path with the most resistance, would I be in a position to buy this company? The answer is no.

So, a few days ago I placed an offer and I'm desperately waiting to hear back. This could be life changing for me. But even if it falls through, I know it'll be for a reason. Lessons are learned from each opportunity and if this isn't the right one for me, it'll be because a better one is waiting around the corner for me. 

But, cross your fingers for me because I want this really bad ;)

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