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October 7, 2019

When I was about 8 or 9 years old I started this journal. Back then I wanted to be an author, but I also wanted to be a game developer. At that time I realized I needed a computer to do that so I started saving my money. It took 2 years but by the time I was 10 I saved enough money to buy a desktop. 

It was on that computer that I taught myself how to program and animate as well as zillions of other things. 

About 8 years later when I started my website business at 18 years old, I found this journal from that time period. It was cool to read the entries from from my former self and take a second to realize how far I've come. At that point it was easy for me to draw the connection between buying that computer and starting a website business out of high school.

But when you're in the middle of the journey, the outcome or the progress isn't always that obvious. So when I was 18 I wrote an entry in that journal. Something that was short and sweet, but explained my current situation which was living at home with my parents, starting my own business and having no money in the bank.

A few years later I wrote in it again. This time I had my own apartment and a pretty good amount of clients. A few years later I wrote in it again, this time I was moving to NYC. 

And now as I approach turning 30 years old, I love going through it and reading this short story on my twenties. I talk about this a lot, but its so hard to see progress sometimes. It's like watching plants grow. If you stare at it everyday you might not notice any changes, but if you take a photo of it and compare it after 30 days, the progress is substantial.  

That's sort of like what my journal is for me. 

And recently I asked myself, with everything that's on my plate, why do I still write this newsletter? And the answer is related to this journal. I want to document my journey... for me. I share my stories publicly for you, in case you can find value in them, but this is like my journal. After two years of writing once a week, I can look back at any week and read the thoughts of my younger self.

It's like time travel.

But also it's personal proof that I can conquer anything. Not all of my entries are positive. Not all of my entries involve personal achievements and that's a good thing. When life throws me obstacles I get over them. We all do. 

So the next time I get thrown in the trenches, I can look back at one of my past obstacles and move forward confidently knowing I can handle anything.

Eventually, when I finish my website I plan to post all of these entries on a website, but that's work for a future me.

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