Landing My First Sponsor

"I'm a great salesman."

November 25, 2019

Believing in yourself is an amazing thing. I think we accomplish about 25% of what we have the potential to do. But it's a great feeling when you push through those doubts and do something rather large.

When I planned to purchase this business months ago, I had my target on one big accomplishment that needed to be completed by the end of the year.

Land a giant club sponsor.

This is no easy task. The first thing was defining what that even looked like. Who was a giant club sponsor? What would qualify them as such?

The idea was to have a brand or product that had national awareness. Something that would provide value and excitement for my customers and an organization that had the capital to fund cool events, projects, etc. So when I was designing my shirts for the year, I needed some sponsor logos to use as a placeholder. For whatever reason I decided to use Bud Light, a pretty well known brand who is usually famous for sponsoring professional football, hockey and baseball stadiums.

I thought to myself, how would I even get a brand like that to sponsor an organization like mine? Where would I even start?

Then fast forward a few weeks, I was chatting with the now previous owner of my new business and I brought this up in the conversation. Let's just say he expressed a lot of doubt. Claiming, yeah that'd be awesome if we had a big sponsor, but there's just no way.

Oddly, my response surprised me. I said, I'll find a way.

"I'm a great salesman."

And as those words came out, so did the doubt. What was I saying? I've never really done sales before. I've never tried to get a sponsor before. It was amazing how much belief I had in myself.

I guess that's something sort of annoying about myself. When I want something, I get that thing. Or at least try to exhaustion. But there's no convincing me otherwise.

And that's what I did. I got BudLight as well as some other large national beverage brands to sponsor my organization for the year. 

The minute we closed on the business I got to work. I cast a wide net, first reaching out to bars who might have the contacts. After several conversations, I got the number of someone in charge of their distribution and made a few calls. After bragging about our numbers and the potential of working with us, it actually wasn't very hard at all.

I set a goal and then accomplished it. Something I've been doing all year, except this time on a much larger scale.

I'm excited to see what else I can push myself to do.

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