A Day In The Life of a Kickball Manager

It's amazing how much "adults" can act like children

February 17, 2020

It's amazing how much "adults" can act like children. Lately, I feel like I've been put in situations where no matter what I do, there is just no winning for me. 

In one of my kickball leagues, the field we are currently renting from has a pretty strict timeline of events and regardless of weather conditions we are unable to extend our season at all. So, this means if it's down pouring and we are unable to play, we cannot make up any games. I didn't think that would really be an issue at the start of the season, being that it's winter, but apparently that's when it rains here the most.

So far we've been able to get through the season without any issues. One week we had some rain, but we were able to play through it. But, now as we approach our final weeks, I'm starting to get nervous.

Looking at the calendar I thought to myself, well what if it rains during our championship games? That is why we play, to compete and win. Without a champion, the entire 8 week long season is a bit unsatisfying. It's like having sex without an orgasm. 

I begged the field to give us an extension, to which they replied with a hard "no". 

So I started to think proactively. What if we shortened our season by one week and had the championship game next week? This would allow for a backup week in case it decided to rain. Especially since I think everyone would agree that a championship game is a lot more important than a regular season game.

I sent an e-mail to all my members and was as transparent as possible. I explained the situation, alerting my members to my dilemma and told them what we are going to do.

Out of the 6 teams in the league, 5 of them we're on board. The 6th team wasn't. In fact they were angrier than anybody I've ever seen. I got a call from each of the 12 members from the team... individually. Each stressing their complaints. Their reasoning? Their 4 best players on the team we're going to be out of town next week and that just killed their chances of winning.


So, a pretty winless fight, but at least the majority is on board. Trying to work with this sixth team, I told them that they could recruit some guest players to make up for their missing teammates. Seems fair right?

Well that's exactly what they did, but they recruited some of the best talent our town has ever seen... just to play in the championship game. Now, those five other teams who were once content, well let's just say they aren't anymore. 

Ugh... but wait!

If this next week gets rained out, we could play our championship game during the actual week it was supposed to take place, plus now that everyone has a bit of notice of the constraints I have on the season, thing should be pretty peaceful. Plus that sixth team can go back to their original roster.

Now as the day approaches, rain is starting to look more and more likely.

You would think that would be a good thing? It's not. Looking another week ahead, it seems that the rain might never stop. We could be looking at two back to back rainouts, putting an end to our season without crowning a champion.

It seems I've gone full circle.

I don't know how to win here, but I guess that is sometimes what happens when you're the leader. Despite all you do, someone is going to disapprove of your decisions. And those numbers increase when you increase the amount of people you need to lead. 

I think for a while there I've navigated under small leadership. Choosing my actions very carefully, sometimes always avoiding risk over making the important decisions. But, I'm learning to operate on much higher scales.

Right now this is a big pain in my ass, but it's grooming me for much bigger things in my life and I'm ok with that. 

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