The start of the coronavirus, a moment in history for us all

March 17, 2020

Unless you just woke up from a coma, I'm sure you're aware of this recent epidemic that is, COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus. Something that only a week ago seemed to be merely a meme, now has reached our homes and has had significant impacts on our society.

Now as a healthy 30 year-old, I'm hardly scared of contracting the disease, but I do still find myself loaded with fears.

As of this morning, my new sport business has been officially shut down until further notice. Again, something just a couple days ago I claimed probably wouldn't happen.

Shit moves quick though, but when does it stop? Bars, restaurants, gyms, concerts, weddings, events, almost any public gathering over 10 people is being shut down. Even if we all get out of this alive, we're going to experience an extreme ripple in our economy.

But how could it not? If people aren't out spending money, businesses aren't out making money. People are out of jobs and scared. Weeks ago I was considering investing in opportunities, now I find myself counting my pennies wondering how far I'll need them to last.

Because that's the thing. Here in Savannah, Georgia, we've been canceling all of our public events, yet we don't even have any confirmed cases here yet. That's not to say we won't have them, but thats the question I'm wondering, is when. When will this end. How long will we need to be shut down for.

Everyone keeps saying a couple of weeks, but I'm over here thinking the war against this virus has hardly begun. 

I don't know.

All I do know is that I should prepare for the worst without being greedy. We are all in this together. We need to help one another, now more than ever.

Share your resources.
Don't panic buy.
Pay your employees.
Volunteer so the elderly (who are the most affected right now) don't have to. 

And call your loved ones and neighbors. We as a species need to come together and not turn our backs on one another. We are stronger united.

I wish everyone well during this trying time. Stay healthy my friends.

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