Surviving The Storm

When the storm passes, where will you be?

March 23, 2020

I think the biggest thing on everybody's mind right now is... when? When can we leave our houses, when will our favorite restaurants open back up, when will our kids be allowed to return to school and most importantly, when will it be safe again? This invisible enemy has affected us all. All cultures, all races, all income levels, all regions and all people. For the first time in as long as I've been able to figure out, we as a species all have a common enemy.

We are all in this together and regardless of how much money you make or how famous you are, there's nothing you can do to escape it.

At first the cluster-phobic feeling of being trapped inside my home has turned me crazy. I was unable to work, unable to do anything productive. But then the loom and doom turned into boredom and as we all know, boredom breeds innovation and opportunity.

You know about exactly a year ago, I was feeling the same trapped feeling I am feeling right now. I was getting kicked out of my house and had the ultimate decision of needing to move back in with my parents or give up on my hard work and businesses. I chose my parents spare bedroom. 

It was during that time that I felt like my back was against the wall. I had no choice but to accept my surrounding environment, and make it work. Physically, mentally, and financially. 

Only for a minute did I waddle in self-pity. It's only natural too, but I didn't waste any time on it. 

But now we're all in this together and it's important we all use this time to reflect on what needs to be done to survive. Yeah life was good when we had all these excess things we didn't need, but we're going to struggle soon and we should be preparing for it. 

Businesses are closed down, employees are out of work. You might be one of them reading this. For me, my main business has been shut down for a week, out of my control and there is no end in sight. At any moment, all my members can demand a refund and I'll have no money left in the bank to pay my loan. 

I'll be honest I'm scared, but so is everybody else. Shelves have been emptied due to the nationwide panic that is COVID-19. 

But my fear is starting to settle now.

Over the weekend I picked up an old book "The 4 Hour Workweek", probably an all time favorite of mine. I started working on my 5 year exit strategy for Savannah. Outlining exactly what I wanted to do for the next 5 years. 

And then I bought a book on stocks. At nearly 30 years old, I know absolutely nothing about them, except right now with all this panic, it might be the best time to invest in them. 

See here's the thing, last year I had my own global epidemic. Instead of panicking, I buckled down and seized on opportunities that made my life better permanently. I could've sat on my ass and waited for the storm to pass, but I didn't. I hustled and bustled and grew more in six months than I have in five years.

Right now it's scary outside. Everything is uncertain, except a well known thing we can all agree on. Things will go back to normal eventually. We just don't know when that is.

So, I'm focusing on that finish line. Where do I want to be when that storm clears? I want to be further ahead than I am right now. Whether that's in knowledge, wealth or experience, I'm not going to sit around and let time pass and I don't think you should either. 

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