Forgetting Things

A checklist because your mind ain't s#!t

March 9, 2020

Man, thirty really hits you hard. I woke up this morning feeling "old". Every muscle is sore, every joint is achey and it took me about 20 minutes to get out of bed, not to mention I cursed my way down the stairs.

I'm sure it's probably due to my excessive drinking this weekend mixed with sleep depravation and about 4 hours of kickball. Oh well.

With all of the distractions I had this weekend, I let a couple of things slip through the cracks with my new business. It used to be that I operated completely with everything just in my head. I have such a complex mind that likes to overthink every single scenario, so it's a pretty good recipe for never forgetting anything. 

Lately, it's been hard to rely on this system. There's just so much going on these days and the moments I used to have space to overthink, basically are non-existent these days. It's great for my anxiety issues, but it causes me to not perform at my best.

Yesterday, we had our kickball playoffs - the first playoffs under my leadership. Usually on this occasion I supply the winners with championship shirts and I hire a photographer to come and capture the experience. Let's just say I'm glad I packed the shirts in my van over a week ago, because it wasn't until halfway through the last game that I was like "oh crap, I need the shirts."

Additionally, the photographer never showed up and I completely forgot to remind him and check to make sure he would be coming. As a result we don't have any photography from our event last night - something I was counting on having to promote the next upcoming season. 

Two minor things that I'm pretty sure nobody even noticed, but for me was a pretty big screwup. My reputation is on the line here. I'm not selling membership to a kickball league here, I'm in the business of experiences. None of my players are playing to become professional athletes. They're here to have fun and if the experience is not top-notch, I'm not doing my job. 

Now I get it, I'm not perfect and these sort of things happen. I should let myself off the hook. But, in reality it would've taken me 2 minutes to solve both of these problems, had I remembered to do them.

So, what do I do in my situation?

Recently I was watching a Matt D'Avella video about checklists and the power they have over productivity and minimizing mistakes. A system so simple that Matt explains is used even by surgeons and helped reduce fatality rates by 30% once implemented.

I'm no brain surgeon but while watching the video I thought about a couple of checklists I keep for myself. I have my daily checklist that I create every morning that keeps me ontop of my daily tasks. And a second checklist that I keep in my phone for packing. Since created years ago, it takes me 1-2 minutes to run through it while I'm packing and I haven't forgotten to pack any essentials since then. No more leaving the house without a toothbrush.

I think had I had something to reference before I left the house yesterday, I would've had all my ducks in a row regardless of how hungover, sleep deprived or distracted I was. 

So that is on my checklist for today. Create several different checklists for my business so I can stop relying on memory to ineffectively get shit done.

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