How To Win in A Lose-Lose

Be better at the end of this then you were at the start of it

April 13, 2020

It's been a strange week. I've watched friends over Facebook argue over our current situation. On one side, there's the group of people who want to get back to work and think a shutdown to save a couple thousand peoples lives isn't worth it and then theres the group that is terrified by the insensitivity of the matter. And oddly I find myself split between the two parties.

It's hard generalizing lives that way. Obviously if you have someone being directly affected, the matter starts to weigh in a certain direction, but the truth is, death is inevitable. The minute we were brought into this world, nothing has ever been more certain than that fact that we all are going to die. Although knowing that doesn't make it feel any easier.

I think both sides have a point in the argument, but the whole situation feels like a lose-lose. People are dying and so is our economy and our sense of purpose. 

Me personally, I'm a do-er. I need to do. I need to act.

My entire life I've always done. The idea of sitting on my ass doing nothing is completely foreign to me. So, I've never had a bigger itch to get out and do something more, than I do right now.

I think the only thing keeping me sane right now is preserving this sense of optimism where I tell myself "be better at the end of this then you were at the start of it".

This simple mantra has fueled my energy each and everyday and it can apply to almost anything in my life:

  • I've been reading books to help further my education and skillsets
  • I've been working out to become physically stronger
  • I've been working on business plans and goals to strength my focus and vision for when things return to normal
  • I've been upgrading my business websites to increase automation and improve experiences for my customers
  • I've invested money in stocks during a down market to build capital for when things return and I've doubled my money.

And those are just a few things.

I've weathered a lot of storms in my life so I feel a bit seasoned but the outlook shouldn't be based on what's currently going on in todays climate. Life is like a golf course, you need to play around the obstacles at hand, not complain about them.

So if we get 6 more weeks of shutdowns, I'm ok with it. In fact, it seems to me in my mind, the more time I have to prepare for a comeback, the more of an advantage I'll have over my peers for when we all return.

I'll be hitting the ground running once this is all over.

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