Why Elon Musk Reopened His Factory

Are we finally seeing an end to the quarantine?

May 18, 2020

I'm starting to see the end of the tunnel for this new "normal".

For me, this past week felt like a resurgence of my past life, before the quarantine. I drove down to Florida and visited my parents and even spent some time socializing with some old friends. I sat down at a restaurant for the first time in months while I had a couple of beers and bantered. For a minute there it felt like things never changed.

Then that feeling continued as the week went on. I celebrated my friends birthday as a few of us gathered at a house and played card games. Then, me and a group met-up at the beach and just yesterday we organized a small volleyball pickup group which was a lot of fun. 

It's kind of funny that you go months without seeing anyone and then within a week it's almost business as usual.

A lot of you reading this might be thinking about how reckless and dangerous my behavior might be in a world still fighting COVID-19, but I think my outlook has changed on that lately. Despite what you might hear in the news, I think we (me) are no more likely of catching it, then I would be catching the flu. 

I think in the beginning of this outbreak, it was a serious matter because we didn't know or understand the extent or damage this virus was going to cause. They were predicting millions of Americans dying by summertime. Since then, I think it's become mainly political. 

I listened to this new interview of Elon Musk by Joe Rogan. If you have a couple of hours of free time I highly suggest you watch it. They cover a lot of things, but for a few minutes they break down the situation that we are currently in, in relation to the quarantine, economy and why we should be reopening business. 

Here's a quick 10 minute clip:

There's a part in the interview that stood out to me about this pandemic and frankly I agree with it.

Right now we've become so divided as a country. You're either on one side of the argument where you believe the economy cant survive this quarantine and we need to reopen businesses and get back to work, while on the other hand, you argue peoples live are more valuable. 

The problem is I don't think anyone is arguing the value of someones life. The point though is that people die everyday. And now as a result, deaths are being lumped together in the form of data linking it to COVID-19, for the sake of funding of these hospitals. 

Elon Musk jokes and says, if you were eaten by a shark and they find your arm floating in the sea, and it tests positive for COVID-19, that might be logged as a COVID-19 death. And there's truth and incentive as to why hospitals will do that. In a time where Hospitals are laying off employees, the government has said they'll receive something like $8,000 per COVID-19 case and $39,000 for every patient on a ventilator. 

Joe Rogan also then jokes about other deaths. Thousands of people die annually from car accidents, should we stop driving? 1,500 people died from swimming pools last year, should we close all pools?

The point being, yes lives are valuable, but death is inevitable and trying to avoid it is no where near a solution. 

I might get a lot of hate from this post, but I think that's the problem more than anything. We're all entitled to our opinion, but watching our communities divided over this matter is hard to watch.

The world's not ending and this quarantine isn't forever. Very soon we'll be able to resume our lives. I'm saddened for the people and families who have lost loved ones to this virus. I've personally lost a relative. But, unfortunately that's the rules of life, we all die.

In the end my thoughts are if you're feeling unsafe, don't leave your house.  Like Elon says, if you have a cough, stay home or wear a mask. I think the data has been skewed and it's time we move on with our lives without anymore fear. 

But I want to hear from you. Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know.

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