Fake Friends

How to align yourself with the right people

July 20, 2020

I think in all sorts of places and all sorts of professions, a common thing to experience is fake people. Something I’ve experienced lately is fake “friends”. Fake friends or colleagues would be defined by me as someone who aligns themselves or gives the illusion of aligning themselves with you for personal gain without any intention of returning the favor. 

I’m sure each of us have experienced this in some capacity through our lives and I wanted to talk about it a little bit today as it’s something I’ve been filtering out recently. 

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with looking for someone or something that can make you or your life better. Personally I always look for “A players“ in my life that will push me to grow and become better. I also try and align myself with a network of people that can help with my personal gain. 

But like all relationships the correct way to approach it is with the mentality of a two way street. This approach applies to all aspects of my life, including my relationship with my girlfriend. We both empower each other and make each other’s lives better, but we make a point to give before we receive. 

The result is a happy and healthy partnership and I take inspiration from that to build other (business) relationships. If I want help from someone, I approach the relationship first by asking myself what do they need, what can I provide them? How can I provide value in their life?

Usually as a result of giving first, you don’t ever have to ask for something in return. Instead it’ll just come naturally. 

Since I’ve bought the sports business, I’ve seen a wave of people that all of sudden, despite knowing me for years, wanting to be friends with me. I give all of them the benefit of the doubt, but it’s clear their intentions. 

But even worse is the friends you had before that start to show their true colors. Life is funny that way. 

I’m learning that the best thing to do in this scenario is to stay true to the ones in your life who genuinely care about you. The ones who aren’t with you because of what you can provide them. The easiest way to pin point this is during a time of hardship. Anyone who doesn’t make it past the first speed bump should be placed in a box. 

And if this happens it’s ok. You don’t necessarily need to cut them off or stop associating them (especially in cases like mine where they are customers) but it’s important to place bad people into a box. A box that has limited power and can’t hurt you in any significant way. 

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