First Time Home Buyer

This Week I Purchase My First Home

August 3, 2020

After this week I'll finally be a homeowner. The feeling is pretty surreal being that exactly a year ago I didn't have any place to live and couldn't really afford even an apartment. 

But this is the exact reason I encourage my friends and loved ones to not let themselves be defeated by unfortunate events. Despite what has been thrown at me, I've stayed true to what I want in life and the only times I've been miserable or unhappy is when I've conformed or wavered from those ideas. 

Moving back in with my parents was probably the best decision I could've ever made at that time. There were other things I could've done, like get a job working for some company and sure I probably could've have found happiness through a different path, but I've always been an entrepreneur my entire life and wavering from that would've felt like defeat more than anything. 

Living with my parents felt like a low at the time and I definitely struggled with it for a while, but I don't think my mentality ever weakened. I haven't felt that focused in a really really long time. 

My finish line was six months and I told myself to just get through those six months and come out of it better than I went into it. So each day, I worked my ass off, doing whatever I could to be a better version of myself. 

After a few months I was able to use some saved up money to buy my sports business which has been one of the best things to ever happen to me. The crazy part of it is that if I didn't move in with my parents, I wouldn't have been able to save up the money needed for the downpayment on the loan. It's interesting how life works that way.

As an owner of this cash flowing business, I was able to move back to Savannah in four months instead of six. Since then, I've been able to double my salary since before I moved in with my parents and the business has lead to some pretty powerful connections that will allow me to acquire two more businesses by the end of the year.

Now only a year later, not only am I in a much better financial situation, but I'm in the position to buy a very comfortable, beautiful single family home to live in. 

I see a lot of people freaking out about the events caused by COVID-19 and I get why. I too share in their frustration, but I also find it oddly calming. I know this road and I've seen what comes out of unfortunate situations.

It's like when a farmer needs to burn his crops to lay a foundation for a stronger, more healthy base of growth.

Sometimes the better path to growth is to tear down and start over.

So keep your head up high during trying times. I'm living proof that no matter what gets thrown at you, there will always be better days ahead of you. When times get tough, sit tight, be patient and plan for the day when you're back on top.

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