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26 Weeks Strong
Half Year Anniversary Check-In
July 16, 2018

Today marks an important day for me. I committed to something for 26 weeks and no matter how hard or boring it got, I didn't give up. I can't tell you how many projects or ideas I've started that have failed or were given up on before they actually became anything. So today, I'm fudging proud of myself. 

Not only that, but I've reached a point where I CAN'T stop. I've made it too far to give up. It would be more work to give up then it would be to keep going. When I originally started, I didn't have much of a direction. I knew I wanted to venture out and make something of my own, but I didn't exactly know what that was. Making games was something I was passionate about but I was yet to be successful with it (still am). 

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